This is NEKO GIRL MAGAZINE– a special interest-slash-lifestyle journal for the kind of e-libertine who hasn't seen daylight in sixteen days. Ladies & gents, smelly fujoshi's & pan-fluid perverts, send us your best works. We want illustrations of cute little girls transforming into ooze, poetry about the sensuous edges of rotting garbage, reviews of cheaply-printed Japanese porn, essays on how to survive within the belly of Amazon's torture gardens, rants about the demons occupying academia, homoerotic interviews of arsonists, libidinal screeds & revisionism, fictional sexual encounters with historical icons, suicide manga, and step-by-step guides on how to jam the controls– everything a modern neko girl needs to know.

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We are a mixed-media rag– we want your prose, poetry, essays, reviews and your illustrations, lithographs, MS Paint scrawls, and derogatory napkin scribbles.

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